Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Help release Mamun Nasser from Israeli prison

Video: Settlers and soldiers attacking Madama. It shows collusion between settlers and soldiers in Madama the day Mamun was arrested.

Shepherd Mamun Nasser has spent almost two months in an Israeli military prison after he was severely beaten by settlers while tending to his sheep. Military court has agreed to his release if the sum of 4000 NIS is paid for bail. Mamun’s family can not afford this amount. Help us raise the funds to secure his release.

On 17th December Mamun Nasser was tending his sheep on a hillside in his village land close to the illegal settler colony of Yizhar. Settlers sought out Mamun and handcuffed him then beat him. His brothers, two of his sisters and his mother who were first to arrive to his aid found Mamun surrounded by settlers covered in blood with most of his face severely swollen. As they attempted to get Mamun from the settlers Israeli soldiers arrived and opened fire shooting live bullets at his family, with one bullet passing through his sister’s dress. Mamun’s brother Amir wasn’t so ‘lucky’ and was hit in the leg. As word of the attack on Mamun spread more villagers arrived and fought to try to free Mamun. In the process a settler was hit by a stone and wounded.

The Military courts are willing to release Mamun provided the sum of 4000 NIS ($ 1100) is paid for bail and on the condition that he does not return to the land where he was attacked until the end of his proceedings. Mamun’s family can not afford to pay this amount. Please help us raise the funds needed to secure his release now. Please donate here and send us an email saying how much you were able to raise/donate. Thank you! more

Lawyer: Long-term hunger striker refusing water

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Jailed hunger striker Samer Issawi has stopped drinking water after refusing food for 188 days, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said Tuesday.

A PPS lawyer visited Issawi in Israel's al-Ramle prison clinic and said the prisoner has stopped drinking water and taking vitamins, and is boycotting all medical tests.

A doctor has informed Issawi that his heart could stop at any time if he stops drinking, the lawyer said in a statement. Issawi is suffering cramps and numbness and his weight has dropped to 47 kgs, the lawyer added.

Issawi thanked his supporters inside Palestine and internationally for their solidarity.

The prisoners society called on all Palestinians to intensify their efforts to support hunger strikers.

On Monday, Palestinian Knesset member Ahmad Tibi visited Issawi and said his health condition was critical.

From a wheelchair, Issawi told Tibi he was determined to continue his strike. more

Witnesses: Israeli tanks breach south Gaza border

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, witnesses said.

Seven military vehicles and two bulldozers breached the Sufa area east of Rafah, opening fire at Palestinian farmers, witnesses told Ma'an. more