Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Prisoners Day Report puts Number at Close to 5000

RAMALLAH, April 16, 2013 (WAFA) - As Palestinians prepare to mark Prisoners Day on Wednesday, the Prisoner Club said in a report that as of 2013 there were close to 5,000 Palestinian prisoner spread over 27 prisons, jails, detention centers and interrogation centers.

It said 106 of the prisoners have been in jail since before the signing of the Oslo accords between Israel and PLO in 1993, which means they have been detained for more than 20 years, and 50 of them have been detained more than 25 years including Karim Younis, the longest serving prisoner after serving 31 years in Israeli prisons.

There are now 14 woman prisoners with Lina Jarbouni being the longest serving prisoner, so far held for 11 years out of her 20-year sentence, and 235 child prisoners in Israeli jails.

The report said that administrative detention “is the prisoner’s worst enemy.”

It said Israel can detain any Palestinian indefinitely without the opportunity for legal counsel or court hearing for what the Israelis call the “secret file” that is compiled by Israeli intelligence. It can range anywhere from one month to six months, renewable indefinitely by orders of military commanders using the “secret file” excuse.

There are currently 200 administrative detainees, 14 of them are members of parliament.

The report said there is no official number for sick prisoners but it is estimated that the number is around 700. more

Video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and arrest young boy in Hebron

A two-minute video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by the International Solidarity Movement shows a blindfolded Palestinian boy being led away by two heavily-armed Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron that same day.

Israeli soldiers demand to see the passports of internationals observing the arrest of the child. The soldiers tear the passports from the internationals’ hands and soon they are flanked by persons who appear to be Jewish settlers. more