Friday, 17 May 2013

Video: challenging Catalan and Spanish governments collaboration with the Israeli occupation

The above video is part of a campaign to pressure the Catalan and Spanish governments to end military and security cooperation with Israel. The website explains:

This year, the Palestine solidarity movement in Catalonia, formed by the platform “Amb Palestina al Cor”, “BDS Catalunya”, “Plataforma: Aturem la Guerra”, “Rumb a Gaza” and “Dones en Rebel·lia”, denounce the role that Israel plays in the dessign, research, implementation and global sale of different security and repression systems.

We have proves that Catalonia and Spain are their customers. Specifically, the catalan government has commercial agreements in the security field, most of them, haven’t made them public. Catalonia buys part of the anti-riot equipment from Israel, which are used by mossos d’esquadra, the catalan forces, as the bulletproof vests.

The close relationship from our government and Israel make us complicit of the systematic violation of the Human Rights in the Occupied Territories in Palestine. Therefore, we demand the interruption of any commercial and / or academic relation.

The palestinian population is not alone. We don’t forget them. One more time, we show our solidarity. more

Israeli authorities to legalize four settlement outposts

On Thursday 16th May, Haaretz Israeli newspaper revealed that the Israeli authorities informed the the Israeli Supreme Court that it intends to examine the possibility of legalizing four West Bank settlement outposts, which were supposed to be evacuated a year ago.

The newspaper added that the Israeli authorities decided to legalize the four settlement outposts; Givat Assaf, which was constructed on a Palestinian-owned land, in addition to the three outposts Mitzpe Lachish, Givat Haroeh and Ma'ale Rehavam. more

Turkish premier will ‘most probably’ visit Gaza, West Bank

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will ‘most probably’ visit the Israeli besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank in June despite opposition from the United States.

“According to my plan, most probably I would be visiting Gaza in June,” Erdogan said during a joint press conference with US President Barack Obama in Washington on Thursday.

“But it will not be a visit only to Gaza. I will also go to the West Bank,” the Turkish premier added.

Erdogan further said he places a lot of significance on this visit in terms of peace in the Middle East, expressing hope that the trip would contribute to unity in Palestine.

The United States had earlier called on the Turkish prime minister to put off any visit to Gaza, describing such a trip as a “distraction” from efforts to revive the peace process in the region. more

Egypt police close Rafah crossing in protest over kidnappings

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- Egyptian police on Friday closed the Rafah crossing on Gaza's border in protest at the abduction of their colleagues.

The police closed the gates of Rafah crossing and prevented general and military intelligence officers from entering the terminal in protest at the kidnapping of their colleagues, a Ma'an reporter said.

The police said they would not reopen Rafah crossing until their colleagues were released.

Gunmen on Thursday ambushed two minibuses in Sinai's Wadi al-Akhdar and detained seven Egyptian servicemen.

Four of the captured men worked at Rafah crossing, sources at the terminal said, identifying them as Ahmad Osama Fathi, Karim al-Husini Ibrahim, Ahmad Abed al-Hamid, and Ahmad Abed al-Bade.

The three others were identified as border guards Ibrahim Subhi, Mohammad Abed al-Aziz Mohammad, and Mohammad Shaban. more