Monday, 27 May 2013

Malaysian NGO delegation arrives in Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- A delegation of Malaysian NGOs arrived in the Gaza Strip Sunday to check the humanitarian situation and open projects.

The delegation includes 80 representatives and activists from humanitarian work groups in Malaysia.

Azmi Abed al-Hamid, the chairman of the board, held a news conference at the Rafah crossing where he stressed the strategic relationship between Malaysia and Palestine. more

Handful of Palestinian companies to breach boycott in meet with Israeli hi-tech companies

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Representatives from Palestinian and Israeli high-tech companies are scheduled to meet on Monday in Tel Aviv, Israeli radio reported.

A joint forum entitled "Business not barriers" is due to be held in the coastal city, with Palestinian representatives from eleven high-tech companies due to attend along with Israeli and international companies, including Microsoft and Cisco, the report said.

The event is organized by the Peres Center for Peace, the union of high-tech companies in Israel and the union of the chamber of commerce.

President Abbas' adviser on high-tech affairs, Sabri Saydam, told Ma'an that such meetings are "unacceptable."

He told Ma'an that the Palestinian Authority disapproved of the move and urged Palestinian companies to reconsider their participation and "give priority to Palestinian interests." more

Israel allows 81 Gaza Palestinians to visit jailed relatives

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Some 81 relatives of prisoners at Israel's Ramon jail crossed the Erez terminal along the border with Gaza to visit their loved ones on Monday, the Red Cross said.

A spokesman said the relatives including 12 children visited the prison.

Israel barred Gaza families from visiting their loved ones in jail after imposing a siege on the territory in 2007. more

Israel raids Jenin, detains 14 across West Bank, set dogs on 70-year-old man and 7-year child

JENIN (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained four men from Jenin on Monday, residents said.

Israeli special forces raided the northern West Bank city and detained Shadi al-Darbi, 30, Hassan Meri, 19, Waseem Ortani, 18, and Sleiman Lahlouh, 20. Sleiman was later released.

Al-Derbi's father told Ma’an that Israeli troops surrounded the house and damaged an entrance gate using explosives. He said soldiers treated the family "brutally" and caused a "huge mess" before leaving.

He added that the soldiers harassed his son Ahmad and his wife.

Onlookers said police dogs attacked 70-year-old Ahmad al-Darbi and his seven-year-old grandson, Ali. Neither was injured. more