Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Video: Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian during arrest, camera turns away

The human rights organization B'tselem published on Tuesday 27th May, a footage featuring a number of Israeli soldiers and Border Guard officers beating a Palestinian man from Ramallah village during his arrest.

According to B'tselem Statement, the incident occurred in late April in the village of Silwad, located east of Ramallah in the West Bank, and was documented by a security camera belonging to the Ofra settlement.

The footage shows an Israeli soldier while arresting the Palestinian, Muhammad Da'ar Sa'ad from the village of Al-Mazra'a Al-Sharqiya, during confrontations erupted in the area back then. One of the soldiers knocked him to the ground and started beating him, and then other soldiers joined and hit the Palestinian.

The statement added, the footage was exposed due to the efforts of the Palestinian's attorney. The Military Prosecution withdrew its claim that he had thrown stones and then he was released. more

Israeli military vehicles, bulldozers enter Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli military vehicles escorted bulldozers into a border area in central Gaza on Wednesday, locals said.

Seven bulldozers flanked by four military vehicles crossed into a border area near al-Bureij refugee camp at around 6 a.m., penetrating 300 meters into fields and leveling agricultural lands, witnesses told Ma'an.

Israeli drones were hovering at a low distance during the incident, locals added, with Israeli forces firing smoke bombs. more

Settlers burn cars, spray graffiti across West Bank

JENIN (Ma'an) -- Settlers torched at least nine Palestinian vehicles and vandalized property in the occupied West Bank overnight Tuesday, locals said.

In the Jericho village of Az-Zubeidat, four cars and a tractor were found burnt by villagers, locals said. Local NGO coordinator Hamza Zbeidat told Ma'an that settlers raided the village at around 3 a.m. and poured gasoline on the vehicles before setting them alight.

Four vehicles were also set on fire in the nearby village of Marj Naja and settlers sprayed 'price-tag' graffiti reading "For the anniversary of Evitar" and "Regards from Evitar" in both villages, referring to a settler stabbed to death in Nablus one month ago.

B'Tselem also reported that two cars were set on fire in Rantis, west of Ramallah, and graffiti was found in the area. Israeli police confirmed the reports, according to Israeli news site Ynet.

The tires of three Palestinian vehicles were slashed in Shufat refugee camp in East Jerusalem and four cars were vandalized in Sheikh Jarrah. more