Thursday, 27 June 2013

McDonald's refuses to open in West Bank settlement 'for ideological reasons'

JERUSALEM (AFP) -- McDonald's Israel, a franchise of the American fast food chain, has rejected an offer to open a restaurant in the Jewish settlement of Ariel in the occupied West Bank, media reported on Wednesday.

Israeli television stations said the company had rejected for "ideological reasons" an offer to locate in a mall under construction in Ariel that is due to open at the beginning of next year.

Housing Minister Uri Ariel, a member of the far-right Jewish Home party, reacted by calling on Israelis to boycott McDonald's, the reports said. more

Pro Israel media analyst convicted over France-2 Palestinian boy footage

A French media analyst has been convicted of defamation for accusing a state television network of staging a video that depicted a Palestinian boy being killed in a firefight between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces.

The footage more than a decade ago galvanised anti-Israeli sentiment, and shaped perspectives of the Middle East conflict during the second Palestinian uprising. The al-Dura case has long stirred emotions in Israel, tapping into a larger sense of the Jewish state being victimised in the media.

The footage by France-2 broadcast on 30 September 2000, showed the terrified boy, Mohammed al-Dura, and his father amid a furious exchange of fire in the Gaza Strip. It then cut to the motionless boy slumped in his father's lap. The report blamed Israeli forces for the death. more

Mass detentions across West Bank spark clashes

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli army detained 19 Palestinians across the West Bank overnight Wednesday as clashes broke out in the Beit Ummar village in the southern West Bank district of Hebron following the detentions.

Popular Committee spokesman Mohammad Awad in Beit Ummar said 12 military vehicles entered the village, raing the al-Tarbeiqa and al-Khlia areas. Three Palestinians were detained, of which two handed themselves over to the army, he said.

Jihad Abu Hashim, 22, was detained following a raid on the family home, as well as Muhammad Awad, 20, and Bassam Ikhlayel, 48. All three were previously detained and were held in Israeli jails, he added. Abu Hashim was released only a few months ago.

Brothers Ali and Ramzi Ikhlayel, 18 and 19 respectively, handed themselves over to the army, Awwad said.

The detentions sparked clashes with Israeli forces, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas, injuring three teenagers. Awwad said they were treated on site. Several suffered from tear-gas inhalation, he added.

Stones, rocks and Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Israeli army jeep, he added, saying one vehicle was damaged. more