Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Israel advises Sri Lanka on slow-motion genocide

Through the “war on terror,” the Israeli and Sri Lankan armies have waged war on civilian populations.

The Rome-based Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal has commissioned an independent report that finds the Sri Lankan state guilty of bombing hospitals, humanitarian operations and even government-declared “safe zones,” in clear violation of international humanitarian law (“Preliminary report,” January 2010 [PDF]).

A United Nations report estimates that from January to May 2009, between 40,000 and 75,000 persons were killed (“Report of the secretary-general’s panel of experts on accountability in Sri Lanka,” 31 March 2011).

The Sri Lankan government’s own statistical data reveal that almost 147,000 persons remain unaccounted for: no one knows if they are held in prison, injured, or dead (“146,679 Vanni people missing within a year of war: Bishop of Mannaar,” TamilNet, 12 January 2011).

Major arms supplier

But there are more direct connections.

Israel has been a major arms supplier to Sri Lanka’s government, as well as providing it with strategic military advice. With permission from the United States, Israel has sold Sri Lanka consignments of Kfir jets and drones.

Israel has also supplied the Dvora patrol boats to Sri Lanka, which have been used extensively against Tamils (“Sri Lanka learns to counter Sea Tigers’ swarm tactics,” Jane’s Navy International, March 2009 [PDF]).

And Israel has also provided training to the Special Task Force, a brutal commando unit in the Sri Lanka police.

The similarities don’t end there. Both Palestinians and Tamils have been subjected to a process of settler-based colonialism. more

Hamas summons Ma'an bureau chief in Gaza

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas authorities in Gaza on Tuesday summoned the bureau chief of Ma'an's Gaza office for questioning and confiscated the keys to the office, a journalists' union said.

Abed al-Nasser al Najjar, chairman of the Palestinian Journalists' Union, said that the group has filed a complaint against the office of Gaza's public prosecutor for violating press freedoms and stifling freedom of expression.

The closure of Ma'an's Gaza office, as ordered by Gaza's prosecutor general on July 25, is a step to permanently taking control of the office, al-Najjar said.

Hamas authorities could confiscate content from the office, or install spyware devices to monitor journalists, the union chairman added.

The group will contact international journalists' unions to pressure Hamas authorities to reopen the office, which has been closed since July 25. more

Supply convoy sent to field hospital in Gaza

GAZA (Petra) – A convoy of trucks carrying supplies meant for Jordan’s military field hospital in Gaza, "Gaza 25", arrived in the Strip through the Beit Hanoun border crossing on Monday.

Commander of the hospital Osama Qatawneh said that the six-truck convoy carried supplies that included medical equipment and other material required to sustain the hospital's services.

He said the convoy’s arrival will help continue the work being carried out by the hospital and enable it to offer better medical services to the Palestinians in the Strip as part of the efforts to implement His Majesty King Abdullah II's directives "to provide our people in Gaza with distinguished medical services." more

Palestinian Prisoners Society publishes list of prisoners expected to be freed

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Prisoners Society on Sunday published a list of detainees expected to be freed as part of a release deal by Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that Israel will free 104 Palestinian prisoners to coincide with the resumption of long-stalled peace talks brokered by the United States. The Israeli PM will seek cabinet approval for the release on Sunday.

Qadura Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, said earlier that there would be no talks unless all 104 prisoners returned to their homes.

The list details each prisoner's name, year of arrest, and place of origin.
1. Karim Yousef Fadel Younis - 1983 - Israel
2. Maher Abed al-Latif Younis - 1983 - Israel
3. Issa Nemr Jebril Abed Rabu - 1984 - Bethlehem
4. Ahmad Farid Mohammad Shihada - 1985 - Ramallah
5. Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammad Naser - 1985 - Ramallah
6. Rafi Farhud Mohammad Karaja - 1985 - Ramallah
7. Mustafa Amer Mohammad Ghniemat - 1985 - Hebron
8. Ziyad Mahmud Mohammad Ghniemat - 1985 - Hebron
9. Othman Abdullah Mahmud Bani Hassan - 1985 - Jenin
10. Haza Mohammad Haza Saedi - 1985 - Jenin
11. Mohammad Ahmad Abed al-Hamid al-Tus - 1985 - Hebron
12. Fayez Mtawe Hamad al-Khur - 1985 - Gaza
13. Mohammad Musbah Khalil Ashur - 1986 - Jerusalem
14. Ibrahim Nayef Hamdan Abu Mukh - 1986 - Israel
15. Rushdi Hamdan Mohammad Abu Mukh - 1986 - Israel
16. Walid Nemr Asaad Daqa - 1986 - Israel more