Sunday, 18 August 2013

Video: Soldiers violently attack and arrest peaceful protesters in Al-Masara

Yesterday, the 16th August, four people were violently arrested at a peaceful demonstration taking place near the village of Al-Masara, on the outskirts of Hebron (Al Khalil). Around sixty demonstrators calling for the dismantlement of illegal Israeli settlements upon Palestinian land were attacked immediately. Although the protesters had planned to go to the Gush Etzion illegal settlement bloc, to once again construct the Canaan protest village, they were prevented as the protest was disbanded by Israeli soldiers within minutes. Those who had been arrested were later released.

At around 11.30am the procession began, with many people waving flags and calling chants for freedom. An Israeli military vehicle drove by, immediately turned around and blocked the road. Within two minutes two more military jeeps and one police car had joined the blockade. Heavily armed soldiers stormed the procession, splitting the group into two and beating protesters to the ground. The soldiers pushed protesters back and formed a wall of plastic shields. Four men including two Palestinian and two international protesters were arrested.

One of the arrested men, Abed, was holding a camera and documenting the demonstration when he was violently grabbed and pushed by an Israel soldier. Abed shouted at the soldier to let go of his arm and tried to pull away from the soldiers grasp. The soldier responded by strangling and arresting him. Another protester, Muad Al-lahham, was arrested while calmly waving a Palestinian flag. more

Two Canadians, Tarek Loubani and John Greyson en route to Gaza, arrested in Egypt

Two Canadians, doctor Tarek Loubani and filmmaker John Greyson, were arrested by Egyptian police yesterday in Cairo. They were en route to the Gaza Strip, where they are working on an academic and medical collaboration between the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and the main hospital in the Gaza Strip, the al-Shifa hospital.

Tarek Loubani is an emergency room medical doctor at the UWO and one of the architects of the Canada-Gaza academic collaboration, a project that has brought doctors from UWO to Gaza to train physicians in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). John Greyson is a professor at the Department of Film at York University and an award-winning film-maker. He is in the initial stages of working on a film to be produced in the region.

They arrived in Cairo on August 15 with the intention of traveling to Gaza immediately. Given the volatile situation in Egypt, travel to the border with Gaza was problematic and they delayed their travel plan. Not having heard from them, we do not know full details, but it is possible (though unconfirmed) that as an experienced field physician, Tarek tried to volunteer his skills as an emergency physician. It is also possible that John, as a prominent and socially conscious film-maker, sought to accompany Tarek and observe these historic developments in Egypt. We know that on Friday at 4pm Toronto time (10pm Cairo time), Tarek called his primary contact in Canada with the very short message: "we are being arrested by Egyptian police". Since then, we have had no contact with either Tarek or John. more

Gazans unable to enter Egypt at Rafah despite military's 'reopening'

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Palestinians are not being allowed to cross into Egypt via the Rafah crossing, a Hamas official said Sunday.

Maher Abu Sabha, general director of the ministry of interior in Gaza, told Ma'an that the Rafah crossing was open on Saturday, but no passengers from Gaza were allowed to cross over.

"The Egyptian side asked us to allow only one bus to enter and we prepared it and sent it to the Egyptian side, however, no passengers were allowed before 2 p.m and after, 50 travelers were allowed into Gaza, but no Palestinians were allowed into Egypt at all," he said.

There has been no information about whether the crossing will be open on Sunday, he added.

On Saturday Egypt "reopened the Rafah crossing to allow through international travelers" who hold foreign passports and "humanitarian cases," Gaza's interior ministry said. more

Three swimming Palestinians arrested off Gaza shores

Gaza- Israeli navy arrested Saturday morning three Palestinians swimming in the sea of ​​Gaza.

The Hebrew radio reported “a ship has spotted three suspects off the coast of the Gaza Strip as they entered the Israeli waters,”

It stated that the three were arrested, noting that they have been subject to interrogation. more