Sunday, 1 September 2013

Marillion 'understood where the internet was going early on'

The latest album's epic opening track Gaza is up for the Anthem award. What was it like tackling a political subject like that?

It's alright sounding off about Gaza in the pub or at home but putting it on a CD and putting it out there in the world with your name on it, you've got to make damn sure that it's right and what you're saying is true and measured.

I knew I would upset people. We even included a note with the lyric on the album that this was not a song against Jewish people.

It's a song that blames the world, it doesn't blame Israel per se. It says whatever way you look at this situation, for these people to have to live like this isn't right.

I have had a lot of email from Jews living outside Israel giving me a really hard time about this song and I've replied to them as well. I've not had one email from within Israel, which is quite interesting.

I would argue that I've written that song as something measured and have done a lot of research and I've spoken to people living there right now.

I stand by it and I wouldn't withdraw one word that I've written in that song. more

Egypt army plans buffer zone along Gaza border

CAIRO (Ma'an) -- Egypt plans to impose a 500-meter buffer zone along its border with the Gaza Strip, a senior Egyptian military official said Sunday.

Egyptian residents living in Saladin, al-Barahmeh, Canada, Brazil, al-Sarsouriya and other neighborhoods close to the Gaza border have received eviction notices.

Homeowners who received eviction orders demonstrated against the decision and burned tires in protest.

Army bulldozers have also uprooted trees in the border area.

The army has demolished 13 homes in the al-Sarsouriya neighborhood where tunnel entrances were found.

An Egyptian military official told Ma'an that most cross-border tunnels with entrances in fields or open areas had been destroyed in a security campaign to stop smuggling. He said it was more difficult to locate tunnels that opened into houses. more

Detainees on hunger strike to end confinement of Abu Sisi

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Eight Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody have launched hunger strike action to end the solitary confinement of jailed Gaza engineer Dirar Abu Sisi.

Karim Ajwah, who represents the Palestinian Authority ministry of detainee affairs, told Ma'an that Issam Barghouthi, Uday Salim, Iyad al-Bao, Mahmoud Abdul-Latif, Uday Sunuqrut, Muath Masalmah, Anis Dweik and Fadi Nimnim launched hunger strike action on August 25 to protest Abu Sisi's solitary confinement.

All eight hunger strikers have been moved to Ashkelon prison, where they are now in isolation cells, Ajwah said.

They have also been denied access to meet with prisoner representatives.

Abu Sisi, an engineer who was former technical director at Gaza's sole electricity plant, disappeared from a train in Ukraine in February 2011. Israel later announced it was holding him. According to the PA ministry, Abu Sisi has spent his entire detention in solitary confinement. more