Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Islamic Jihad may respond if Israel enters Syria war

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has warned that it may respond if Israel enters any war in Syria, as expectations rise of a possible US strike on Syria.

A high-ranking official from Islamic Jihad told Al-Monitor that — upon request from Iran and Syria — Islamic Jihad may lob rockets at Israel if the events develop toward an all-out war against the Syrian regime and if Israel enters the war.

The source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “Up until now, there has been no decision within Islamic Jihad to bomb Israel in response to an aggression on Syria. But that may happen in one circumstance: if Israel joins that war as a principal party.”

The source said that the strike’s nature and details in terms of its quality and duration will determine Islamic Jihad’s position, given that the second-largest Islamic movement in Palestine still maintains close relations with the Iranian and Syrian regimes as well as with Hezbollah.

“Islamic Jihad’s leadership has currently no significant presence in Syria, but there are still financial and political links. Hezbollah’s position toward the war could negatively or positively affect whether Islamic Jihad will participate,” the source relayed. more

Israeli military vehicles enter south Gaza border area

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli military vehicles entered an area in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, locals said.

Several military vehicles entered at least 50 meters into an area east of Khan Younis, witnesses said.

Heavy gunfire was heard, with no injuries reported.

Israeli military forces detonated two bombs along the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday, Israel's army said. more