Friday, 6 September 2013

Hamas plays down Egypt tensions, Gaza power squeezed

GAZA CITY (AFP) -- Gaza's Hamas prime minister on Thursday played down tensions between the Islamist movement and Egypt that have developed between the two sides followed the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

At the same time, the Gaza energy authority warned that the enclave's sole power plant is in danger of shutting down within days because of a fuel shortage indirectly caused by those tensions.

Speaking in Gaza's parliament, Ismail Haniyeh referred to "attempts to draw the resistance (Hamas) into sideline battles away from the (real) enemy (Israel)."

"The government is not steering the people towards fighting Egypt or towards aggression against any state, regardless of the unprecedented pressure and circumstances the Palestinian people are under," he said.

Egypt's army, which ousted the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi in a July coup, has since destroyed many of the tunnels Brotherhood ally Hamas uses to bring crucial supplies into the blockaded Strip. more

Hamas: “We Are Ready For Possible Israeli War On Gaza”

Palestinian Minister of Interior and National Security of the Hamas-led government in Gaza, Fathi Hammad, stated that his ministry is ready for any possible Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, amidst threats of a US-led war on Syria.

His statements came during a seminar with the Nurses Union in Gaza city. He said that Israel might use the situation to wage a war on the resistance in the coastal region.

Hammad stated that his ministry is ready, and is acting on maintaining a strong interior front that is always ready to counter any Israeli aggression.

He called on the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian factions, to be actively involved in supporting the resistance so that it can counter any aggression against the Palestinian people.

“National unity is achieved under the umbrella of steadfastness, resistance, and the liberation of Palestine”. more