Friday, 20 September 2013

Medics: Israeli forces shoot 2 Palestinians in north Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Two people were shot and injured by Israeli forces on Friday in the northern Gaza Strip, witnesses said.

Israeli forces in a watchtower north of Beit Lahiya shot at people walking in the area, injuring two, the witnesses said.

Medics said that one person was shot in the foot while another was shot in the thigh. Both suffered moderate injuries.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said soldiers opened fire after several Palestinians approached a security fence and hurled rocks in an attempt to damage it. more

Video: Gaza is being strangled and its people are suffocating

“I feel so depressed, I feel detained and humiliated and violated because I’m denied one of the most basic rights, the right to have an education, the right to travel,” says Shahd Abusalama in this video report from Gaza by The Real News Network’s Yousef Al-Helou.

Abusalama, who blogs regularly for The Electronic Intifada, is one of thousands of Palestinians trapped in Gaza, unable to travel due to Egypt’s closure of the Rafah crossing.

The Rafah crossing is the only connection to the outside world for the vast majority of Gaza’s almost 1.7 million residents, since Israel imposed its tightened siege beginning in 2006.

Among the stranded are hundreds of students, like Abusalama, hoping to take up university places or scholarships abroad, as well as many medical patients.

Egypt has closed the border completely for the past week, citing the “security” situation in its Sinai peninsula, where it is engaged in military operations against what it calls Islamist militants. more

Gaza health ministry faces real disaster in tightened siege

Palestinian Minister of Health Dr Mofeed Mokhalalati urges the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation so that it lifts the illegal siege imposed on Gaza Strip, and permits the access of medicines, medical supplies, and basic construction materials .

He said in a press conference held yesterday, "Health sector bases in Gaza face a real disaster, everyone in the world has to shoulder their responsibility in the face of medical needs for Palestinian patients amid the closure of the Rafah Border Crossing."

Mokhalalati pointed out that 145 types of medicine have run out and the lack of medicines imported by Rafah Border Crossing decreased the balance to 30% of that required.

1000 patients cannot receive treatment in specialized Egyptian hospitals, in addition to 300 referred officially by the health ministry, the minister added.

He said the ongoing closure of Rafah Terminal also deprives hundreds of patients from surgical services offered by specialized delegations coming from various countries around the world, as they cannot enter Gaza to perform their surgeries. more

UFree Network denounces the Egyptian military courts sentences against Palestinian fishermen

Human rights group UFree Network strongly condemns the Egyptian military court sentences against Palestinian fishermen who were given a one-year prison sentence and a penalty fine for fishing in Egyptian waters near the Gaza Strip.

UFree Chairman, Mohammad Hamdan, considered the Egyptian military sentences as a serious precedent action against Palestinian civilians which reminded us of the brutal Israeli practices especially that the courts were held in illegal and mysterious conditions.

The Oslo based Network called for the immediate release of the five fishermen and all Palestinian detainees in Egyptian jails who were arrested without legal justification. more