Friday, 13 June 2014

Israel deploys heavily near Hebron after disappearance of 2 settlers

HEBRON (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military has sent a large number of military reinforcements to the Hebron district in search of two missing Israeli settlers they fear may have been kidnapped, sources exclusive to Ma'an said Friday.

Israeli forces raided a number of homes in the Sanjar area of Dura, a city southwest of Hebron, on Friday in search of the settlers after they disappeared from Hebron earlier in the day, sources told Ma'an.

The Israeli media has apparently still not reported on the incidents, but unofficial sources have confirmed that the the two settlers disappeared earlier this morning.

The settlers were able to contact the army earlier today but the line of communication was reportedly cut, however the army was able to identify the source of the call as being in the region of Sanjar.

Local sources said that Israeli forces had raided a number of private homes in the neighborhood, although it was unclear if there had been any detentions, and a military reconnaissance plane was reportedly flying over southern Hebron. more


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