Sunday, 13 July 2014

Health ministry: Israel uses internationally-banned weapons against Gazans

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian health ministry said the Israeli army uses internationally-banned weapons in its military aggression against the population in the besieged Gaza Strip, urging all concerned organizations to visit the Strip and document Israel's war crimes.

Deputy health minister Yousuf Abul-Rish told a news conference on Sunday that the medical staff in Gaza hospitals found deep lacerations in the bodies of victims that can only be caused by unconventional lethal weapons.

Abul-Rish stated that Israel used warships, warplanes and artillery guns that are only used against other large armies to kill children, women and unarmed civilians in Gaza, which caused major physical disabilities to scores of victims.

He stressed that the use of such banned weapons against humans is a flagrant violation of the international law, especially the fourth Geneva convention.

For his part, Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert said that he examined most of the bodies of the wounded and killed civilians who arrived at Al-Shifa hospital during the past few days and found out that they suffered very severe injuries resulting from conventional and unconventional lethal weapons. more


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