Tuesday, 15 July 2014

US Congress passes resolution supporting Israel's war on Gaza civilians

The US House of Representatives voted unanimously to support a non-binding resolution to reaffirm full U.S. support for Israel’s “defense of its citizens” and condemning Palestinian “unprovoked rocket fire”. The resolution made no mention of the nearly 2,000 tons of bombs that had been dropped by Israel on Gaza at the time it was passed

It also did not mention the 200 Palestinians (80% of whom are civilians, according to the UN) or the multiple attempts by Hamas to negotiate a ceasefire with Israel – including on July 6th, before the Israeli attack began in earnest.

The US House of representatives is currently Republican-led, but representatives of both political parties offered full support to the Israeli military’s attack, and ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip.

During the one minute speech sessions that followed the opening prayer on Friday morning, Republican Trent Franks from Arizona stated, “Last month Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas openly united with the terrorist group Hamas and right now they are raining down rockets on the innocent people of Israel. One half of all Israelis have sought shelter in bomb shelters.”

No U.S. members of Congress mentioned the Israeli attack on Gaza that began on July 8th, killing twenty civilians before Palestinian resistance fighters responded with homemade shells. more


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