Friday, 15 August 2014

FAO: Gaza agricultural sector sustained long-lasting damage

NEW YORK, (PIC)-- The UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) said in a report released on Friday that "the fighting in Gaza has forced farmers and herders to abandon their lands and has paralyzed fishing activities."

The report pointed out that the local food production has been halted, severely affecting livelihoods.

The recent fighting has resulted in direct substantial damage to Gaza's 17,000 hectares of croplands as well as its agricultural infrastructure, including greenhouses, irrigation systems, animal farms, and fodder stocks and fishing boats, the report said.

According to the latest update by the FAO and the world food program (WFP) Gaza has lost half of its population of poultry birds, either due to direct hits on their shelters or lack of water, feed or care resulting from access restrictions.

The report pointed out that losses by Gaza's fishing sector so far are estimated at 234.6 tones from July 9 to August 10, equivalent to 9.3 percent of local fishers' yearly catch. more


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