Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Israel boycott support strengthens in Ireland

(Thanks to Muhammad in Belfast)

A group of pro-Palestine demonstrators have removed what they said were Israeli-linked products from the shelves of a supermarket in Belfast.

Dozens of people removed products, including those made by the Coca Cola company, from the shelves of Sainsbury’s supermarket in west Belfast.

Many held aloft banners and flags, shouting 'Free Palestine'.

The footage was published by Seosamh O Bradaigh.

The clip has already received a huge amount of attention through social media.

Elsewhere, leading supermarket chain SuperValu has confirmed it ordered all stores to remove Israeli carrots from their shelves in the Republic.

Despite insisting it has not enforced a boycott of goods from the country, an email instruction was sent to all 232 stores last Friday saying the Chantenay variety must not be sold. more


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