Friday, 22 August 2014

Oregon protesters occupy offices of Israel-affiliated security firm G4S

A group of Palestine supporters occupied the office of the prison and security contracting firm in Portland Oregon on Thursday afternoon, calling on the company to end its affiliation with the Israeli prison system - a system which brutalizes inmates, imprisons children in adult facilities and engages in torture.

G4S has multiple contracts with the Israeli government and military, including running several of the prison facilities which illegally imprison Palestinians without charge or trial. The company has also recently been awarded a contract with the city of Portland to provide security for several city-owned buildings, including Portland's City Hall.

The activists billed the action as a ‘Rally Against the Profiteers: End the Occupation, Break the Siege‘, and dozens of Portlanders joined the direct action to shut down the company's local operations for the day.

They initially occupied the company's office in Portland, and then were forced out by security, although activists tried to pull the door to the office open to continue their occupation of the firm. After being pushed outside, police arrived on the scene and the protesters held up their hands saying "Hands Up, Don't Shoot", in a reference to the chant that has become emblematic of police violence across the U.S. following nearly two weeks of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. more

In their press release following the action, the activists stated, "At 2:30pm, Thursday, August 21, 30+ community members gathered at the local office of G4S, a multinational security business targeted for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions due to complicity in the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and siege of Gaza. Organizers delivered a set of demands and held a rally outside G4S. more


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