Thursday, 18 September 2014

Israel tortures prisoners captured in Gaza invasion

Two dozen Palestinians captured during Israel’s invasion of Gaza this summmer remain in detention more than three weeks after the 51-day offensive ended.

While the men have had limited contact with their families, the legal team representing most of them says several have been tortured.

“They testified in front of our lawyer that they were subjected to torture by the Israeli interrogators,” Issam Younis, director of Gaza’s Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, told The Electronic Intifada on Monday.

Al Mezan represents 22 of the 24 detainees still held by Israel. “At least eight that were visited by the lawyer were subjected to torture,” Younis added. “It doesn’t mean the others were not.”

Their treatment has included beatings with the butts of M-16 rifles, sleep deprivation for at least three consecutive days and handcuffing in painful stress positions, according to Younis.

Additionally, he said, “They were intimidated with threats that Israel would demolish their houses, kill their families and rape their wives.” more


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