Monday, 17 November 2014

Israeli fire critically injures Palestinian in Gaza

Israeli soldiers, on Sunday, shot and critically injured a Palestinian to the east of the town of al-Qarara, east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

WAFA correspondence reports that soldiers stationed at a watch tower near Israel's Kissufim military base, opened fire at a Palestinian, critically injuring him.

Israeli soldiers open fire at Palestinians along the border areas almost on daily basis, in violation of the declared Egyptian-brokered truce agreement reached, between the Palestinian-Israeli sides, on August 26th of this year.

At least eight Palestinians were abducted, late Saturday night and early Sunday, by the Israeli authorities in occupied East Jerusalem, whereas at least five others in the West Bank were summoned to appear for interrogation before the Israeli intelligence, say local sources.

Six Palestinians, identified as Islam and Rabah Odeh, Sharif Rajabi, Abud Abu Sbeih, Anwar Jamjoum and Kayed Kiswani, were taken during predawn raids across Jerusalem.

Later Sunday, Israeli police arrested two brothers from Bethlehem at their workplace in Jerusalem, under the pretext of ‘entering Israel without a permit.’ The brothers were identified as Adham, 19, and Mohannad Zawahra, 17. more


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