Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gaza's unpaid hospital cleaners go on strike

The Gaza Strip’s main medical complex Shifa and other public hospitals are facing a very serious problem after cleaning workers have completely suspended work in protest against not having received salaries for some seven months.

Director of Shifa medical complex Dr Nasser al-Titir told Ma’an Thursday that “all wards including the reception, the emergency room and the intensive care unit are full of garbage.”

He added that surgery rooms and delivery rooms “are very dirty and in a disastrous condition.”

Al-Titir warned of possible dangerous repercussions of this crisis on the health conditions of Palestinian citizens.

“The emergency department can barely receive serious cases and operating rooms can’t afford numerous surgeries because there is nobody to clean after operations.”

He added that some doctors and nurse volunteer to do some cleaning despite the fact that doctors and nurses do not receive their salaries regularly. In addition, some of them haven’t been paid for several months because they were hired by the former Hamas-run government. more


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