Sunday, 13 July 2014

Health ministry: Israel uses internationally-banned weapons against Gazans

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian health ministry said the Israeli army uses internationally-banned weapons in its military aggression against the population in the besieged Gaza Strip, urging all concerned organizations to visit the Strip and document Israel's war crimes.

Deputy health minister Yousuf Abul-Rish told a news conference on Sunday that the medical staff in Gaza hospitals found deep lacerations in the bodies of victims that can only be caused by unconventional lethal weapons.

Abul-Rish stated that Israel used warships, warplanes and artillery guns that are only used against other large armies to kill children, women and unarmed civilians in Gaza, which caused major physical disabilities to scores of victims.

He stressed that the use of such banned weapons against humans is a flagrant violation of the international law, especially the fourth Geneva convention.

For his part, Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert said that he examined most of the bodies of the wounded and killed civilians who arrived at Al-Shifa hospital during the past few days and found out that they suffered very severe injuries resulting from conventional and unconventional lethal weapons. more

Reports: al-Qassam Brigades ambushes Israeli naval forces, foils infiltration attempt

GAZA, (PIC)-- Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said its resistance fighters at dawn Sunday frustrated an infiltration attempt by Israeli naval troops on the beach of Al-Sudaniya area, north of Gaza, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

In a communique, Al-Qassam Brigades stated that a special unit of its fighters ambushed Israeli naval infiltrators attempting a landing on Sudaniya beach and severely wounded several of them.

When the infiltration attempt failed, Israeli warplanes provided cover for other naval troops on military boats to pull out their wounded comrades from the beach.

One Israeli military helicopter acted in a confused way during the engagement and indiscriminately targeted nearby buildings, including a mosque, according to Al-Qassam Brigades' statement. more

Leave your homes or you will be subjected to bombing says Israel

Residents of several towns in the northern Gaza Strip received airdrops of leaflets on Sunday morning July 13th, warning them to leave their homes by noon, or risk being bombed. This is despite the fact that there are no shelters in Gaza, and all of the borders are sealed.

The leaflets state, “It is the intention of the Israeli military to attack from the air terror infrastructure and terrorists in the area east of Al-Attara. Residents must evacuate their homes by 12 pm, noon, today heading south towards Jabalia."

They continue, “The military’s operation will be temporary and short. Those who do not adhere to these directives will jeopardize their own lives and the lives of their families. Be careful, stay safe."

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said that there will be a major military operation in northern Gaza on Sunday, and warned that “This will increase the amount of casualties”. The military has already dropped over 2,000 tons of bombs on the crowded coastal Strip over the past five days, killing over 170 Palestinians. No Israelis have been killed or wounded in this same period.

The United Nations has estimated that nearly 80% of the victims are civilians. While Israeli officials claim that it is necessary to target civilian areas because “Hamas members hid behind civilians”, the bombings have resulted in very few Hamas members being killed – and those who have been identified as having a connection with the political party were not involved in any hostilities at the time they were targeted for assassination by missile.

In addition, the claim that Israel has targeted civilian buildings where Palestinian fighters store weapons has been questioned by eyewitnesses of these attacks, who say that no ‘secondary explosions’ have been heard, which would be the case if there were weapons stored in a building. more

Gaza death toll at 165 as deadly Israeli strikes continue

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel's military assault on Gaza continued for a sixth day on Sunday with the Gaza Ministry of Health saying 165 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,000 injured.

The latest airstrike on Sunday killed Layla Hasan al-Udat in al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra said.

Ashraf Zurub, 21, on Sunday died from wounds sustained a day earlier in airstrikes while Husam Ibrahim al-Najjar, 14, was killed in Sunday attacks in northern Gaza.

Earlier, 80-year-old Hijaziyya al-Hilou was killed in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City when an Israeli missile hit the al-Hilou family home.

Medics said it was a miracle the rest of the family survived the attack.

Israeli warplanes intensified air raids overnight, targeting Hamas buildings in Gaza City and bombing a PA security services base in Rafah. more