Monday, 20 July 2015

2 main Israeli power grids providing electricity to Gaza down for days

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A technical error in Israel cut off two main power grids responsible for supplying Gaza with electricity over the weekend. The down lines provide 25 percent (30 megawatts) of the electricity Israel supplies to Gaza.

The Number Eight power grid that provides central Gaza and parts of Khan Younis with electricity shut down three days ago, and the al Qubba power grid for the Gaza District shut down on Sunday.

The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company said it is attempting to cooperate with the Palestinian Power Authority to repair the broken grids, but said the Israeli army is obstructing these efforts and allegedly preventing the Israeli Electricity Corporation from fixing the grids on the grounds of security concerns.

Technicians were also barred for some time from repairing the al Qubba grid when it shut down in May. Gaza currently receives electricity from the Israel, Egypt, and a power station inside Gaza.

However, these supply lines fall far short of the Gazan population's needs. While the three suppliers provide 230 MW of electricity, the UN estimates that only meets half of Gaza's needs.

Israel and Egypt have maintained a severe blockade of the Gaza Strip for the last eight years that has crippled the coastal enclave's economy by limiting imports, exports, and movement of people.

Although the power plant inside Gaza has a potential output of 120 MW it has been unable to produce that much due to Israeli restrictions on fuel imports. Instead, the Gaza plant generally produces around 60 MW, 50 percent of its potential. more


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