Thursday, 9 July 2015

Family of Beduoin allegedly held in Gaza not contacted by officials

BEERSHEBA (Ma'an) -- A relative of a Palestinian Bedouin citizen of Israel allegedly being held in the Gaza Strip said no Israeli officials have contacted their family in regards to the disappearance.

The 28-year-old from al-Sayed village near Houra in the Negev went missing on April 20 and is believed by relatives to be held in Gaza.

It is unknown if the 28-year-old is one of the two Israelis who are reportedly being held captive in the Gaza Strip, including one detained by Hamas after crossing into the territory last year.

Reports from Israel's Ministry of Defense confirming that two Israeli men are currently being held in Gaza said Thursday that information on the unidentified Palestinian citizen of Israel was still under a gag order. more


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