Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Palestinian family mourns third son killed by Israeli army

QALANDIYA (AFP) -- For more than a decade, the Kasbah family has displayed a banner depicting brothers Samer and Yasser, shot dead by Israeli troops during the Palestinian Intifada aged 15 and 11.

Ten days ago, Fatima and Sami Kasbah added the picture of a new "martyr" -- 17-year-old Mohammed, their third son to die by Israeli army gunfire.

The incident that led to his death has sparked controversy in Israel and anger among Palestinians, with video footage made public challenging the army's initial version of events.

An officer shot Kasbah dead on July 3 after he threw a stone at an army vehicle close to the Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, on the third Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The army, which has opened an investigation, said after the shooting that Kasbah posed an "imminent danger" to soldiers.

But the Israeli rights group later released a video indicating the officer shot him after he ran away from troops and left him to die without medical treatment -- confirming what witnesses said.

There are conflicting accounts, but for the family the result is still the same -- a third dead son.

"Every day there is a martyr, not just in our family, but for all Palestinian families," Sami Kasbah said.

"Someone is hurt, someone is killed, someone is arrested. This is what happens, that's the occupation," he said, recalling the moment he found out his son had been shot. "The doctor called me and told me: 'Your son has been killed'." more


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