Sunday, 27 September 2015

PA: Israel 'trying to kill' hunger striking Palestinian prisoners

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- The Palestinian Authority's committee for prisoners' affairs on Sunday said that Israeli authorities have thus far refused the committee'srequestsfor seven Palestinian hunger strikers to betransferredto hospitals for treatment.

In a statement, the committee accused Israel of "trying to kill" seven hunger striking prisoners who have been on strike for 40 days, alleging that the“Israeli government is wearing down the prisoners onpurposein order to force them to end their hunger strike by depriving them of medical treatment and sending them to prison wards where criminal prisoners are being held.”

The statement pointed out that the prisoners’ committee had submitted an emergency appeal to Israel’s High Court, asking the court to order the prisoners' hospital transfers.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Prison Service told Ma'an over the phone on Sunday that the ISP could confirm the prisoners had not been transferred to hospitals, stating that the prisoners had "only been [hunger striking] for 30 days, and they are not required to be moved to a hospital until after 35 days."

However, Ma'an first reported that at least five of the hunger strikers began their strike on Aug. 18, exactly 40 days before. more


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