Thursday, 15 October 2015

Video: Alarm grows over summary executions of Palestinians

From the Electronic Intifada - Warning: This article contains graphic videos and images of violence.

Two more Palestinians were shot dead Wednesday following alleged knife attacks, while the Israeli army and government began implementing a rash of new measures approved by the so-called security cabinet late Tuesday night.

Among the decisions made, Israeli police and Border Police will enforce closures on Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.....

....Later that evening, Ahmad Shaaban, 23, from the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem allegedly attacked a woman at the central bus station in West Jerusalem.

Shaaban was killed on the spot, while the woman is reported to have sustained light to moderate wounds.

However, the Israeli account has been disputed.

Qpress, an online Palestinian outlet for news about Jerusalem, published a recording it said was an Israeli eyewitness telling media that Shaaban was unarmed and doing nothing when shot. It provided no other details about the purported eyewitness.

Speaking excitedly in Hebrew, the person states: “Central bus station in Jerusalem, just now a terrorist was eliminated in front of my eyes. In front of my eyes. Ten rounds they fired at him. What chaos! He didn’t touch anyone. He didn’t have a knife. Everyone shouted ‘terrorist’ and the security guard fired. In front of my eyes. Ten rounds! My head hurts.” more


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