Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why does Sweden want to expel Gaza refugees?

Seventy Palestinian refugees have been evicted from a camp formed in protest at how the Swedish authorities have denied them the right to asylum.

The camp had been deemed illegal by the local council in Malmö, a city in southern Sweden. After two weeks of threats, the camp was dismantled on Thursday morning last week.

Nine people were arrested and three shipping containers of personal possessions were confiscated by police.

The Palestinian refugees had traveled to Sweden from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Their protest has been taking place outside the applications unit of the immigration authority in Malmö.

Despite attempts by the police to make their protest impossible, the refugees are determined to keep fighting for asylum.

The protest is continuing, albeit without tents or shelter. Temperatures are dropping daily in Malmö as the Nordic winter approaches.

“I will take down my tent, we will take down our camp,” said Aaed al-Shalabi, a Palestinian from Iraq and a founder of the camp. “But we will not leave until we have a resolution. Even if we have to stand here in the snow, we will not give up until we are given papers”

The protest camp started in early August.

More than 130 Palestinian refugees have taken part in it. more


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