Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thousands march in Hebron funerals after Israel returns 2 bodies

Thousands of mourners on Sunday filled the streets of Sair and Surif villages in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron for the funerals of two young men who were killed by Israeli forces in October, following alleged stabbing attempts.

Israeli authorities delivered the bodies of Raed Jaradat, 22, and Mahmoud Ghneimat, 20, to the Palestinian liaison department early Sunday morning. The remains were then transferred to the Hebron public hospital before they were taken to their hometowns.

Jaradat, from the village of Sair east of Hebron, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on Oct. 26, after Israelis sources said he stabbed and injured a 19-year-old Israeli soldier in the neck. Similarly, Ghneimat, from the village of Surif west of Hebron, was shot dead on Oct. 22 after Israeli sources said he had attempted a stabbing attack, however the circumstances around the incident are unclear. more


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