Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hamas invites all parties to emergency meeting in Gaza

The Hamas movement on Sunday morning invited Palestinian parties from across the political spectrum to an emergency meeting to be held in Gaza City at noon to discuss the crises facing the coastal enclave, including electricity and the civil servants dispute.

Representing Hamas in the meeting will be deputy chief of the movement's politburo Moussa Abu Marzouq, who is in charge of coordination with other Palestinian factions.

The leftist Palestinian People's Party confirmed that the group received an invitation to the meeting from Hamas.

Member of the PPP politburo Walid al-Awad told Ma'an that his party had been contacting different parties in an attempt to work out a final solution for the situation in Gaza.

He said that the Gaza Strip has been witnessing explosions, robberies, and power cuts amid negligence regarding the people's affairs despite the storm which crossed the country.

He added that reconstruction of the war-torn coastal enclave had still not moved forward, leaving thousands homeless. more