Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pink Floyd provides theme song for film on how Israel forces Bedouins to live in dumps

The rock band Pink Floyd has provided the theme song to High Hopes, a short new film on Israel’s discrimination against Palestinian Bedouins.

Directed by Guy Davidi of Five Broken Cameras, the film focuses on the displaced Bedouin of villages around Jerusalem, detailing how in some cases, they have been forced to live in garbage dumps.

High Hopes follows the success of Nowhere Left to Go, another film by the Jahalin Association, a group defending the rights of Bedouins from the Jahalin tribe.

As one activist depicted at a protest against evictions says during High Hopes, “I am not crying for the Bedouins any more, I am crying for the people who have lost their humanity.” Meanwhile Israeli soldiers insist on their “right” to enforce “dozens of eviction orders” against Bedouins who were first made refugees in 1948.

Both of the Jahalin Association’s films have Pink Floyd connections.

High Hopes shares its title with the final track from the British band’s 1994 album The Division Bell. And Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd and a vocal supporter of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel, contributed music to Nowhere Left to Go.

High Hopes has already garnered one prize, a “best documentary short” award at the Erie International Film Festival. more

Israeli forces detain dozens of Palestinians in Jerusalem, Hebron

Israeli forces launched multiple dawn raids across East Jerusalem and Hebron districts Wednesday detaining 32 young Palestinian men including minors.

East Jerusalem detention raids were reported in Sur Bahir, al-Isawiya, al-Tur, Ras al-Amoud and the Old City. Lawyer of the human rights group Addameer Muhammad Mahmoud said most of the detainees in East Jerusalem were minors.

He identified them as Qusay Daana, Ahmad Abu al-Hummus, Muhammad Jumaa, Ibrahim Dandis, Ibrahim Shamasnah, Muhsin Attun, Muhammad Bkeirat and Hamza Milhis.

Amjad Abu Asab, who chairs an East Jerusalem committee representing families of prisoners, also confirmed the detentions. He said Israeli forces apprehended Mahmoud Awsha Muna, Murad Bkeirat, Rami Bkeirat and Wahid al-Bakri from Sur Bahir village. He added that the Israeli troops handed a summons to Muhammad Awshaa Muna demanding that he appear at an Israeli interrogation center for questioning.

Also Wednesday, Israeli news sites quoted Israeli police as saying that a young Palestinian man was detained in the al-Sawahira al-Sharqiyya neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Two firearms were allegedly found in his house as well as ammunition. Another young Palestinian man was detained in El-Izariya and weapons were allegedly found in his house as well, according to Israeli police. more