Wednesday, 25 March 2015

PA prime minister Hamdallah to arrive in Gaza today

Palestinian prime minister, Rami Hamdallah is expected to arrive in Gaza today at 1:00 PM for a two-day visit, to look into the issues in Gaza, including the employees crisis, the halted reconstruction process and the electricity cuts.

A press conference will be held upon his arrival in hotel on Gaza shore, where he will meet with Fatah and Hamas leaders.

PA spokesperson, Ihab Bseiso said this will be the first visit to Gaza since last October. Hamdallah was supposed to visit Gaza on 8 November of last year, however the visit was cancelled after the bombardment of Fatah leaders' homes in Gaza. more

School students use sewage channels to reach school

Palestinian students are being forced to cross through sewage channels to reach a high school in western Ramallah district after a settlement road cut off the only other means of access, residents told Ma'an.

Up to 200 students from the villages of al-Tira and Beit Ur al-Fuqa now reach the school using a four kilometer route that runs along the separation wall, where armed settlers, as well as Israeli soldiers, almost daily interrupt their commute.

The route passes through sewage channels and regularly takes students up to 40 minutes to reach their school, as the channels are filled with rainwater in the winter and snakes in the summer.

Students told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers regularly fire tear-gas canisters at them on their way back.

The al-Tira Beit Ur al-Fuqa high school is now enveloped by the Israeli separation wall on three sides at a point where the wall extends more than five kilometers inside the 1949 Armistice Line.

The wall separates the villages from the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit Horon as well as an Israeli military training camp. On the school's fourth side, a road was opened exclusively for settlers going from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

The school principle, Samer Bader, said that when the sewage channels are filled with wastewater in the winter it is particularly difficult for children to reach the school and sometimes they are not able to make the passage at all. more