Thursday, 2 April 2015

Light Gaza's Night appeal - give generously

EMGAZA appeals was founded in the last Israeli war against the Gaza strip. It aimed at helping Palestinians who were affected directly by the attacks, as well as medical facilities ( Clinics and Local NGOs).


We established four successful appeals among six months. We helped so many disabilities with medicines, diapers and medical related equipment (Wheelchair, walker and crutches).

Our humanitarian distribution plans based on the most affected areas in the strip. These areas are almost forgotten by International NGOs as well as humanitarian convoys due to many reasons

- Location is far from city centers.

- Location is so close to the Israeli Eastern fence ( Buffer Zone)

- Prioritization issues based on MOH policy as they put the main hospitals on top to get aid.


Widespread searches after Israeli settler goes missing near Hebron

Israeli forces erected checkpoints and carried out searches across wide swathes of the southern West Bank Thursday amid reports that an Israeli had been captured by unknown assailants.

The reports said that two Israeli settlers had stopped on the side of the road south of the village of Beit Einun north of Hebron to repair a flat tire.

Israeli Channel 2 said that one of the settlers entered the village to get a wrench but never returned.

But police sources sources told Channel 2 that the car had no flat tire, raising suspicions as to why the two had stopped where they did.

According the channel, the two men are both 22-year-old residents of the southern Israeli city of Beersheba who traveled to Hebron to pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs.

They were on their way home when their vehicle allegedly broke down, the report said. more

Israeli media: soldier stabbed in the head at checkpoint

Israeli media reported Thursday that an Israeli soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian near the Oranit checkpoint in southern Qalqiliya.

Sources added that the suspect was detained and that Israeli ambulances treated the injured soldier on the spot before taking him to a hospital.

The injury was reported between light and medium. more