Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gaza power plant to receive fuel after month-long closure

Gaza's sole power plant is to be supplied with fuel on Sunday after more than a month-long closure when the Gazan energy authority ran out of funding.

Nathmi Muhanna, PA Director of Border Crossings in the Gaza Strip, said that 10 trucks carrying 400,000 liters of fuel would be passing though the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing on Sunday, and that a regular supply of fuel would be resumed during the week.

Jamal Dardasawi, a spokesman for Gaza's energy authority, said that while he could not be certain of the plant's energy output until the fuel arrived, it was expected that the company would be able to supply up to eight hours of electricity to Gazan residents after Sunday.

On Mar. 2, the Hamas-run energy authority closed the plant after they were unable to afford the taxes demanded by the PA for importing fuel into besieged Gaza. more