Monday, 6 April 2015

Israeli army carries out limited incursion in Khan Younis

A number of armored Israeli military vehicles carried out, on Monday morning, a limited invasion into Palestinian lands, southeast of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Media sources in Khan Younis said the soldiers first opened fire from military towers in the Kissufim base, across the border; no injuries were reported.

Following the shooting, at least four Israeli army bulldozers and a few vehicles, stationed in the Sofa army base, advanced nearly 200 meters into Palestinian lands, and conducted military searches in the area.

In related news, Israeli navy ships opened fire on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters, close to the shore, near Rafah in the southern part of the coastal region. more

Two critically injured due to Israeli missile leftover explosion in Gaza

Two citizens on Sunday were critically injured due to a missile leftover explosion East of Shija'iyya neighbourhood in Gaza. The same neigbourood was flattened by Israel last summer.

The two injured were on farmland near Al-Mintar crossing east of the city when the missile exploded.

They were moved to Al-Shifaa medical center. Medics reported one as severely critical, and the other as critical. more