Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Thousands of civil servants strike in Gaza over PA non-payment of salaries

Thousands of government employees in the Gaza Strip are on strike Tuesday in protest of the Palestinian Authority's continued violation of their rights as civil servants, including payment of salaries.

Gazan workers in the ministries of labour, justice, public works and women's affairs are conducting a one day strike, warning of future actions should their rights continue to be violated.

The Union of Government Employees further conducted a protest in front of the Legislative Council headquarters in Ramallah.

The Union has denounced recent visits of Palestinian Authority ministers to Gaza, claiming the visits are symbolic and do not address the problems of government workers in Gaza. more

Israeli navel forces open fire at Gaza fishermen

Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Gaza City Wednesday morning.

Fishermen told Ma'an that Israeli forces had fired at several fishing boats working in the area, and that no injuries were reported.

Witnesses added that Israeli F16 warplanes were flying at low altitude at the time.

An Israeli army spokeswoman did not have immediate information and told Ma'an she would look into the incident.

Wednesday's incident comes just one week after Israeli forces shot and injured Palestinian fisherman Khalid Zayid with a rubber-coated steel bullet while he was working off the coast of Beit Lahiya.

Palestinian fishermen continue to be targeted by Israeli forces, facing near daily harassment and interference with their work. As part of last summer's ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militant groups, Israel agreed to expand the fishing zone off Gaza's coast, allowing fishermen to sail as far as six nautical miles from shore, and to continue to expand the area gradually. more