Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tunnel detection system to span Gaza border

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems developed a sensor-based tunnel detection system to be implemented alongside the entirety of the Gaza border, Israeli media reports.

The new detection system is designed to block infiltration of "Hamas terrorists" into Israel, by enabling the identification of tunnel building activity and its location without false alarms, Israeli news site Ynet reported.

Ynet cited Alon Shuster, head of the Shaar HaNegev regional council, who praised the Israeli defense ministry for such headway.

"From what we know, these are the fruits of that labor. There is no doubt that the aggressive operations this past summer limited the threat in a significant way for Israel and this advancement gives an additional layer of security for the residents," he said to Ynet.

While the system is designed to prevent attacks by militant groups inside Gaza by targeting the many tunnels snaking under the Israel Gaza border, destroying such tunnels also means cutting off the Gaza residents who rely on them from receiving much needed materials and goods they otherwise cannot obtain due to the ongoing Israeli-Egypt blockade of the strip.

The system has already been implemented on parts of the border, and is planned to expand alongside the entire Gaza Strip after receiving approval from Israeli security apparatus. more

17th April is Palestinian Prisoners Day - show your solidarity

April 17 is Palestinian Prisoners Day, the day of National, Arab and international solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners, held by Israel and facing serious, continuous (and escalating) Israeli violations.

Marking this important day, the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee issued this comprehensive report to document the ongoing suffering of the detainees, and to highlight their cause around the world.

The Palestinian National Council, the highest authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), held a meeting on April 17, 1974, and decided to declare this day a day of solidarity with all detainees, to support their struggle, and to act in solidarity with the detainees and their constant battle for freedom.

The day is also meant for solidarity with the families of the detainees, and their own ongoing suffering.

Since then, April 17 has become Palestinian Prisoners Day, marked in Palestine and in various places around the world, in cooperation with human rights activists.

This year, April 17 comes amidst escalating Israeli violations, increasing abductions of Palestinians in different parts of occupied Palestine, and during every hour of the day and night.

The arrests target every segment of Palestinian society, while Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, since 1967 until April of 2015, around 850,000 Palestinians, including 15,000 women and thousands of children. more