Friday, 9 October 2015

6 Palestinians killed as Israeli forces open fire at Gaza demo

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- (updated 16:00 GMT] Six Palestinians were killed and 19 others injured as Israeli military forces opened fire at a demonstration by the border fence east of Gaza City, medics said. Medical sources told Ma'an that Hammoud Hisham Muhsen, Ahmad al-Harbawi, Abed al-Wahidi, and Hussam Dawla were shot and killed during the clashes east of the al-Shujaiyeh neighborhood east of Gaza City. At least 19 other Palestinians were injured.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that 200 Palestinians approached the security fence and hurled rocks and rolled burning tires at Israeli forces.

Israeli forces responded with live fire towards the "main instigators," she said, confirming five direct hits.

The deaths in Gaza come amid renewed violence in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem on Friday.

In the Israeli city of Dimona, an Israeli teenager stabbed four Palestinian Bedouins who worked for the local municipality, seriously injuring two. more

Hamas Gaza chief calls unrest a new 'intifada'

Hamas's chief in Gaza on Friday called violence that has hit the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem in recent days an "intifada" and urged further unrest.

"We are calling for the strengthening and increasing of the intifada.... It is the only path that will lead to liberation," Ismail Haniyeh said during a sermon for weekly Muslim prayers at a mosque in Gaza City.

"Gaza will fulfil its role in the Jerusalem intifada and it is more than ready for confrontation."

Islamist movement Hamas rules Gaza, the Palestinian enclave squeezed between Egypt and Israel and separated from the West Bank. Hamas remains deeply divided from Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party.

Gaza has been the site of three wars with Israel since 2008, but it has remained mainly calm amid the recent unrest in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. However, a march of about 300 people on Friday near the border with Israel saw youths throw stones toward Israeli soldiers on the other side of the frontier, who responded and caused two injuries, Gazan rescue services said. more

Palestinian killed after allegedly stabbing Israeli policeman

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian suspect was shot and killed in the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba on Friday after stabbing an Israeli border police officer, police said.

Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said an "Arab terrorist" was shot and killed after stabbing an Israeli police officer in the Hebron settlement. The victim was identified as Muhammad Fares Abdullah al-Jaabari, 19.

The area was closed off following the incident and the policeman was lightly injured.

The incident comes amid renewed violence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank bank on Friday after seven Israelis were stabbed in attacks on Thursday and a Palestinian was shot dead in Shufat refugee camp.

Earlier, an Israeli teenager stabbed and injured four Palestinian Bedouins in the city of Dimona, seriously injuring two. more

Israeli stabs, injures 4 Palestinians in Dimona

An Israeli suspect stabbed and injured four Palestinians in the city of Dimona insouthernIsrael on Friday, Israeli media reported.

The unidentified Israeli reportedly first attacked a 35-year-old Bedouin laborer before fleeing the scene and stabbing another three Palestinian Bedouin workers, all reported to be in their 50s, Israeli news site Ynet said.

Three of the victims are employees of the Israeli state's Dimona municipality.

Two of the men received moderate to serious injuries and were taken to Soroka hospital for treatment, while the two others were lightly injured. more

Videos contradict Israeli police account of their killing of Fadi Alloun

Two videos have emerged, filmed by eyewitnesses of the fatal shooting of 19-year old Fadi Alloun by Israeli police in Jerusalem Sunday morning, that directly contradict the police account. The videos show a mob of Jewish Israelis chasing the boy shouting, "Kill him! He's an Arab", and as Alloun runs toward a police station for help, he is shot by the police with multiple rounds of live fire.
The footage clearly shows that Alloun was unarmed as he was being chased, terrified, down the street by the mob. As he runs toward the police, the mob shouts toward the police in Hebrew “Shoot him! He’s a terrorist! Shoot him!” and “Don’t wait! Shoot him!”

The police immediately shoot the young man with at least ten bullets throughout his body, killing him. As his limp body falls to the ground, the crowd cheers and begins to kick and stomp on him. Only after shooting him does a police officer ask the crowd, "Did he [referring to the now deceased Fadi] stab anyone?" Someone in the crowd of Jewish Israelis then clearly replies, "No."

Following the fatal shooting, the Israeli police released a statement claiming that Fadi had allegedly stabbed an Israeli, but they have presented no evidence to back this allegation.

The Israeli police and military frequently claim that Palestinians they have killed were carrying weapons or involved in attacks, and in most cases, according to Palestinian and international monitoring organizations, those allegations later turn out to be false. more