Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian in Bethlehem clashes

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian from the Duheisha refugee camp Tuesday evening during clashes at the northern entrance of Bethlehem, medics said.

Mutaz Ibrahim Zawahreh, 27, was hit with a live bullet in the chest and was taken to hospital in a critical condition, Medical sources at the Beit Jala Governmental Hospital told Ma'an. Zawahreh was rushed to the operation room but quickly succumbed to his wounds, they added.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that Israeli forces "thwarted an attack" by a "Palestinian perpetrator" who attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail at the forces.

The spokesperson said Israeli forces were present in the area because they were "responding to a violent riot of around 500 Palestinians throwing rocks." more

27 Palestinians killed, 1400 injured in the past two weeks

The death toll of Palestinians killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) since the outbreak of the uprising on Monday night hit 27, and left over 1,400 wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets and live ammunition.

Three Palestinian citizens, including the child Hasan al-Manasra, were cold-bloodedly murdered by the Israeli occupation soldiers in three separate attacks in Occupied Jerusalem on Monday, bringing the number of Palestinians murdered since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada to 27, the Palestinian Information Center said.

14-year-old al-Manasra was fatally shot by the occupation patrols, who left him bleeding on the ground with an unparalleled nonchalance.

Observers said such scenes, captured on and documented by live video shots, are barefaced proofs of Israelis’ inherently sadistic character and terrorist impulses.

18-year-old Mustafa Aadel al-Khatib breathed his last after he was hit by more than 10 bullet shots by the Israeli occupation officers in southern Occupied Jerusalem as soon as he got out of his car for inspection.

16 Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank and 11 in blockaded Gaza so far. more

31 wounded, four dead, as 'Day of Rage' blazes

12:50 P.M. An Israeli Jew stabbed another Jewish man earlier this morning after he mistook him for an Arab.

The victim, who is of Mediterranean appearance, was subjected to the revenge attack in Kiryat Ata at 12.30.

Early reports said two were wounded in the frenzied attack, which took place near a local IKEA.

A 22-year-old was in moderate condition after suffering a knife wound to his upper torso.

TWO Palestinians and two settlers have already been killed and 30 people wounded as the “Day of Rage” protests gather force around the country.

Four alleged stabbing and shooting incidents in Jerusalem were reported this morning, leaving the city in meltdown.

And at around 9am a 22-year old Palestinian from east Jerusalem was shot and brutally beaten by Israeli police, after he allegedly stabbed two settlers in Ra’anana city, north-east of Tel Aviv.

Mohammad Shamasneh (23) from Qutna town northwest of Jerusalem, was shot by an Israeli settler under the pretext of attempting to to grab the gun of a policeman, when he shot and started beating him.

It follows a day of clashes yesterday (Monday).

In Gaza, about 20 Palestinians clashed with border forces for around an hour and a half.

10:56 A.M. Shooting incident reported near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

10:42 A.M. Israeli woman was reported wounded after in a second incident in Ra’anana. One person was arrested.

10:32 A.M. Two attacks reported in Jerusalem have left at least 18 people wounded; with 9 said to be in serious condition. At least one person was said to be killed.

According to the police, in one attack, two people opened fire inside a bus in Armon HaNatziv. They were shot dead by a IOF officer who was at the scene.

10:20: A.M. A reported in Jerusalem’s Malchi Yisrael St., with three Israelis wounded. The incident follows reports of a stabbing attack on a bus in the city.

10:10 A.M. A stabbing attack was reported inside a bus in Jerusalem’s Olei Hagardom St in the Armon HaNatziv area, with casualties.

The IOF said that two Palestinians entered a bus and began stabbing people, leaving at least 16 wounded, eight in serious condition. At least one person is suspected of being killed during the attack but this has not been confirmed.

An earlier report of a stabbing in Holon was not politically motivated, the police said.

9:30 A.M. Alleged attacker from Ra’anana identified by police as 22-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem. According to the police, he stabbed one person before being attacked by passers by.

9:20 A.M. According to the spokesperson for the city of Ra’anana, the suspected attacker stabbed one person at a bus station not far from town hall before a passersby jumped on him and pushed the knife out of his hand. The alleged attacker sustained serious injuries and it was possible he was shot during attempts to disarm him.

A 32-year-old Israeli was lightly wounded in the attack, sustaining a knife wound to the chest.

9:00 A.M. An Israeli was lightly wounded in an alleged stabbing attack in the city of Ra’anana in central Israel. The attack took place on Ahuza Street, the main street in the city, and a Palestinian was attacked by civilians, leaving him seriously injured. more

20 shot, injured, 1 critically, in Gaza clashes

Israeli forces shot and injured five Palestinians, one critically, during a demonstration on Monday in the Gaza Strip, which has seen near daily rallies since the beginning of the month. Dozens of Palestinian youths took part in the demonstration in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza to rally against ongoing Israeli violations in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Witnesses said that Israeli forces opened fire at the demonstration from military towers injuring five, one critically.

Another demonstrator was also reportedly detained.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that "hundreds of rioters gathered near the border fence hurling rocks and rolling burning tires."

The spokesperson said that Israeli forces responded with "riot-dispersal means," without providing further details.


Palestinian child bleeds to death while Israelis watch, shouting insults

[update - youtube has removed the video that accompanied this story] “Die, you son of a whore!! Die!!” shouted Israeli men at a seriously wounded Palestinian child, who was left to die while police stood around him doing nothing. One of the officers repeatedly pushed the boy down with his foot, whenever he tried to sit up.

While the child was bleeding to death, Israelis surrounded him, shouting at him in a mix of Arabic and Hebrew, “Die, you son of a whore!”, “Die, you son of the biggest whore!”, and telling the police to “Do him a favor, and shoot him in the head!”

The officers did not shoot him, but left him bleeding with head injuries, broken legs and other serious injuries on the ground. The boy was able to raise his head a few times, but the police officers kicked him back down until he bled to death.

The slain Palestinian child has been identified as Hasan Khaled Manasra, 15 years of age, while his cousin Ahmad Saleh Manasra, 13, suffered a serious injury. They are both from Beit Hanina, in Jerusalem. more

Palestinian shot, killed after 4th alleged stabbing attack

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man after an attempted stabbing attack on an Israeli bus in northwest Jerusalem on Monday evening, Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld said an Israeli soldier was lightly wounded in the attack before the Palestinian was shot dead.

Israeli media reported that the Palestinian was shot and killed after he attempted and failed to take the Israeli soldier's gun, before attacking the soldier with a knife.

The attack reportedly occurred under the Chords Bridge in northwest Jerusalem.

The Palestinian was the third to be shot dead by Israeli forces following an alleged stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Monday, in one of four reported attacks.

Just hours before the incident, two Israelis were seriously injured in another alleged attack, with one Palestinian suspect, reportedly a minor, shot dead at the scene, and another wounded, Israeli police said. more