Monday, 29 February 2016

Israeli forces detain 11 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip

Israeli forces detained at least 11 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip over the course of 24 hours, local officials and Hebrew media said on Monday.

The head of Gaza's Fishermens' Union Nizar Abu Ayyash said Israeli naval forces detained nine Palestinian fishermen, seizing two fishing vessels near the al-Sudaniya coast on Monday. Ayyash said Israeli forces opened fire on the fishermen, before approaching the vessel and detaining the nine men.

The detainees were identified as Majed Fadel Bakri, Fadi Majed Baker, Omran Majed Baker, Muhammad Ziyad Baker, Fadi Suhain Baker, Khamis Suhail Baker, Yusri al-Akhsham and Muhammad Nizar Baker.

On Sunday, Israeli forces also detained two other Palestinians from the besieged enclave after they were allegedly caught trying to cross into Israel, Hebrew media reported.

The reports said the two men were unarmed and that Israeli intelligence believed they were entering Israel to find work.

As part of a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the summer of 2014, Israel agreed to expand the fishing zone off of Gaza's coast, allowing fishermen to sail as far as six nautical miles from shore, and to continue to expand the area gradually. more

Palestinian buried after body withheld by Israeli authorities for 65 days

Israeli intelligence handed over the body of Musab Mahmoud al-Ghazali to his family for him to be buried on Sunday night, 65 days after he was killed by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem.

Al-Ghazali, a 26-year-old Palestinian from the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, was shot dead on Dec. 26 after Israeli police say he pulled a knife on an officer in Allenby Square in Jerusalem.

However, a witness on the scene said that al-Ghazali had not been holding a knife when he was killed.

Al-Ghazali’s family said at the time that the young man suffered from mental disabilities, and denied that he would have carried out an attack. They accused Israeli forces of "executing him in cold blood."

Al-Ghazali’s body was returned to its family entirely covered in ice due to being kept refrigerated in Israeli custody. more