Monday, 15 August 2016

Israeli forces demolish home of slain Palestinian attacker in Bani Naim

Israeli forces demolished early on Monday morning the family home of a Palestinian teen who was killed in June after stabbing a 13-year-old Israeli girl to death, in the latest instance of Israel’s much denounced policy of punitive home demolitions

Muhammad Nasser Tarayra, 17, a native of the southern occupied West Bank town of Bani Naim, was killed by a security guard on June 30 after carrying out a deadly attack against 13-year-old Hallel Yafa Ariel in the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba.

Before dawn on Monday, Israeli forces escorted by 30 military vehicles and a bulldozer stormed Bani Naim, east of the city of Hebron, forcing Tarayra’s family to exit their home at gunpoint, witnesses said.

Israeli soldiers then reportedly planted explosives near the interior walls of the first floor of the two-story building before detonating them.

A video shot by a reporter from Radio al-Khalil showed the aftermath of the explosion, with the interior of the home, and well as parts of the outer walls, visibly damaged. more

Israeli forces level lands in southern Gaza Strip

Israeli military vehicles staged a limited incursion across the borderline of the besieged Gaza Strip to level land on Monday morning, locals said.

Locals told Ma’an that six Israeli military vehicles crossed the Abu Rida gate at the border east of the town of Khuzaa in the southern Gaza Strip and leveled Palestinian land in the area.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an they were looking into the reports.

Israeli military incursions inside the besieged Gaza Strip and near the “buffer zone" which lies on both land and sea sides of Gaza, have long been a near-daily occurrence. more