Thursday, 4 February 2010

Livni says she will travel to UK to test arrest warrant process

Ex-foreign minister Livni who cancel plans to visit the UK in December last year, fearing arrests for the part she played in the war crimes against the people of Gaza, has now changed her mind and says she will indeed visit the UK specifically to test the arrest warrant process - in order that Israeli 'are able to travel freely'. The Israeli government has put a ban on current members traveling abroad for fear of arrest.

But of course Israelis can and do travel freely - it's the criminals that should not be allowed to without facing a court of justice for their crimes.
Britain is braced for a diplomatic row after a senior Israeli politician warned that she was preparing to travel to the UK, where she faces an arrest warrant for alleged war crimes.

Tzipi Livni, the former Israeli Foreign Minister and now the leader of the Opposition, said that she wanted to test promises by David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, that he would change the law to ensure that she was not arrested for her role in last year’s Gaza offensive.


Berlusconi puts his foot in it over holocaust but still backs war against Gaza

Yesterday we accused Berlusconi of thinking nothing of the suffering of the Palestinian people, but today he is reported to have tried to make amends while visiting occupied Jerusalem. But being Berlusconi he did it in the most clumsy manner possible by comparing the holocaust to the oppression of the Palestinians. This blog is on record as being against this erroneous comparison of the industrial genocide of six million people with the history of the Zionist project in Palestine, which, for all its barbarities and injustices, does not compare to the holocaust.
Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, courted fresh controversy yesterday by comparing the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to the suffering of victims of the Holocaust. Given that Berlusconi's rise to power in Italy has relied on the support of the 'post-fascist' National Alliance should have rung alarm bells with Israelis before they lauded him for his support for their illegitimate state.

After an official visit to Israel, Mr Berlusconi said in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem that, "just as it is right to cry for the victims of the Shoah [the Holocaust], it is right to show pain for what happened in Gaza".

The remark, which appeared to link Israel's war against the Hamas-controlled territory last year with the murder of millions of Jews in Nazi concentration camps, will be seen as offensive by many in Israel, even if no provocation was intended.

Mr Berlusconi is regarded as a staunch ally of the Jewish state. He has repeatedly spoken out against the dangers of Holocaust denial, and publicly defended Israel's actions in Gaza as "justified".