Saturday, 6 February 2010

UN's Ban sits on fence over Goldstone report as Arab and non-aligned nations seek action

UN's Ban Ki-Moon is trying to sit on the fence as usual despite the overwhelming evidence of Israel's war crimes. The idea that the 13 dead from Palestinian rocket fire is comparable to 1,400 dead, overwhelmingly civilians, is ludicrous and unjust.

Nevertheless, Ban says he can't work out whether the reports submitted to date by both sides are enough to take matters forward. and non-aligned nations will hopefully take up the question of Israel's refusal to co-operate with the Goldstone inquiry (unlike the Palestinian side) as an indication of their bad faith, because of course it more than suggests that they have something to hide.

To rub salt into the wounds, Ban criticises the Palestinian side for only setting up its inquiry four days before the UN deadline foe submissions.
A delegation representing the Arab, Islamic and Non Aligned groups are scheduled to meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon later Friday to discuss his report to the General Assembly on Thursday night on the extent of Palestinian and Israeli compliance with a UN demand to investigate their actions during the 22-day war on Gaza early last year.
Ban concluded in his 72-page report that he could not determine whether the “Palestinian side” or Israel complied with a General Assembly resolution last November requesting both parties to conduct “independent and credible” investigations into what a UN fact-finding Mission, headed by Justice Richard Goldstone, described as “war crimes” committed by both parties during that war.


Explosion near Erez crossing - no claim of responsibility

BBC claims bomb attack may have targeted Red Cross aid convoy, but this seems highly unlikely given the Red Cross's laudable humanitarian role in Gaza - and the Israel's distrust of the organisation given previous attacks on its infrastructure by the IDF. Implication of the BBC report is that an Islamist group may have attacked the convoy for misguided ideological/pseudo-religious reasons.
A roadside explosion hit a Red Cross convoy near the Israeli-controlled Erez crossing in northern Gaza on Thursday.
The device blew out the windows of one vehicle, but no-one was injured, a spokesman for the Red Cross said.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility and it is still unclear whether the Red Cross vehicle was the target of the attack.