Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Al-Qaeda allied Islamists arrested on West Bank and in Gaza

Al Qaeda supporting Islamists have been arrested in the West Bank and Gaza today according to Reuters.
Palestinian security forces detained six radical Islamists with explosives in the West Bank in the first known arrests of al Qaeda-inspired militants in the territory, a senior Palestinian officer said.

In the Gaza Strip, controlled by a separate, Hamas-run administration, the authorities announced the arrest of a leader of a pro-al Qaeda group, the latest sign of a crackdown on radicals accused of bombing security offices and Internet cafes.


Air strike destroys building at Gaza airport - no casualties

Another air strike on the disused airport near Rafah
Israeli warplanes bombed several sites in southern Gaza overnight in response to rocket fire from the Hamas-run enclave, the army and Palestinian medics said on Wednesday.

No one was wounded or killed in the strikes


Egyptian police in round-up of Palestinian students

PIC - The solidarity committee with Palestinian prisoner Ayman Nofal languishing in an Egyptian jail, has strongly condemned Tuesday's arrest of more than 150 Palestinian students at the hands of the Egyptian authorities, describing the campaign as "frenzied".

Among those arrested, according to the committee, was Palestinian police major Jaser Al-Shoyokhy, 37, who is pursuing his masters degree. It added that he was kidnapped from his flat in Cairo.

The committee warned that such an Egyptian policy against the Gazan students comes while 25 Palestinian citizens from Gaza Strip, including Nofal, had been detained in the Egyptian jails for nearly three years without charges or legal basis.

It added that the Egyptian policy is in step with the unjust siege imposed on the inhabitants of the Strip, which was recently added to with the construction of Egypt's steel wall along its Gaza border.

The committee called on Egypt to live up to its obligations in this regard, and to take a role that is compatible with the country and its position in the Arab and Muslim world.

"The Palestinian people are waiting from Egypt to help them free their 11,000 captives in Israeli jails not to add to their numbers", the committee pointed out.

Meanwhile, the bureau of borders and crossing points in Gaza called on the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah crossing before emergency and humanitarian cases, including sick people and Palestinian students pursuing their studies abroad among other cases.

In Gaza city, the ministry of prisoners and ex-prisoners' affairs held a workshop and recommended the formation of a supreme national committee that would support the Palestinian captives in Israeli jails.

The participants agreed that the issue of the captives was one of the crucial issues for the Palestinian people with nearly 11,000 Palestinian captives languishing in Israeli jails, many of them for more than two decades.

PA officials in Gaza Strip, including minister Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul and MP Mohammed Shehab, who is in charge of the prisoners' file in the PLC, stressed that the primary and the secondary objectives of the committee should be carefully specified.

Israel's deputy foreign minister Ayalon greeted by hostile protests on UK visit

link to video of protest

Dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in London at the International Institute for Strategic Studies on Monday to protest the visit of Daniel Ayalon, the deputy Israeli foreign minister, to the UK.

Mohammed Sawalha, the head of the Islamic initiative in Britain, said that the sit-ins and protests were organized by the Palestinian forum and Islamic initiative along with the Stop the War Coalition, and aimed at objecting to Ayalon's visit.

He added that the Israeli official was representing a "criminal government" that was involved in "racial cleansing against Palestinians in Jerusalem and in war crimes in Gaza".

Sawalha vowed to follow Ayalon wherever he goes in Britain to protest his presence.

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Despite securing a promise by the UK's Foreign Office that he would not be arrested upon arrival there, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon was not exempt from the rage of pro-Palestinian demonstrators waiting for him both outside and inside a lecture hall in London.

One protestor at the Oxford University hall, where Ayalon spoke Tuesday, waved the Palestinian flag and interrupted Ayalon's lecture for several long minutes, during which he did not stop yelling at the Israeli minister and called him a "racist" and "a war criminal." more