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AIPAC conference disrupted by Code Pink Gaza protester

The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) policy conference finishes today but followers of this blog will be heartened to see that a codepink protester managed to get into the conference to raise the banner for Palestine. This year's policy conference was apparently attended by half the members of the US congress. The main focus of the gathering was Iran and lobbying Congress to nuke its alleged nuke programme. I think they missed the irony here. Israel, whose leaders are likely to face war crimes trials if they set foot in an increasing number of states, is the region's only nuclear-armed state.

It's here: The 2009 AIPAC Policy Conference.
May 3-5, Washington DC

Shimon Peres was giving speech at the AIPAC conference when he was interrupted by Desiree Fairooz of Code Pink.

This is the biggest of AIPAC events each year, with the largest number of Congresspeople attending. As AIPAC press releases indicate, no event attracts more congresspeople other than mandated attendance at the State of the Union or other official meetings.

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