Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hunger-striking Palestinian detainee Hana Shalabi says will stay on hunger strike until victory

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Hunger-striking Palestinian detainee Hana Shalabi says she will stay on strike until victory, despite pressure to back down after 34 days without food.

"It's true our lives are very precious, but our freedom is even more precious and more powerful than their cells," Shalabi said, according to her lawyer Jawad Bulus of the Palestinian prisoners society.

Bulus visited the detainee during medical tests Monday in Jaffa, before she was moved to the hospital in Ramla.

According to the attorney, Shalabi has been staying in the same room which once housed Khader Adnan, a hunger-striker who agreed to stop his strike after a deal with Israeli prosecutors.

Shalabi has lost about 16 kilos since starting her strike last month, Bulus said.

She claims the Israelis are using psychological pressure to force her to end her strike. Shalabi also complained that the room is unusually cold, and she suffers pain to muscles and her chest.

The hunger-striker also disputed claims that she refused to meet a lawyer, saying the prison authorities had actually demanded that she undergo tests before her lawyer arrived. She refused. more

Reports that Qatar is offering to supply Gaza with free fuel to alleviate crisis

Qatar has agreed to provide Gaza with free fuel in order to help alleviate an ongoing fuel crisis, Gaza news portal Al Resalah quoted Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh as saying Tuesday.

Haniyeh said Hamas would discuss the deal with Egypt, a few days after Egypt's ambassador to the Palestinian territories said Cairo agreed to provide imported fuel to the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh said that "research is underway" in order to determine how and from where to import the Qatari fuel. more

Shalabi moved to hospital after sharp health deterioration - supporters join hunger strike

Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, stated on Monday evening that hunger-striking detainee Hana’ Ash-Shalabi, who has been on hunger strike since 34 days, was moved to Meir Israeli Hospital, in Kfar Saba, after a sharp deterioration in her health condition.

Qaraqe’ said that Ash-Shalabi was hospitalized after she was examined by a medical team of the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), adding that the doctors had to wait for three hours until they were allowed to see her.

He further stated that the physicians determined that Ash-Shalabi is unable to stand, nauseated, suffering from pain in her abdomen, headache, her heartbeats are slower than they should be, and low sugar levels.

Qaraqe’ said that Ash-Shalabi refuses to take any medications or liquids except in the presence of PHR doctors who will be visiting her again Tuesday morning. more

Meanwhile, Maan reports supporters are jining her hunger strike and boycotting courts

EU's Ashton attacked for comparing killing of Jewish children to Palestinian children in Gaza

More fascist terror seems to be visiting Europe. This time it is in France, the home of virulent Islamophobia from the top to the bottom of society. North Africans, African-Caribbeans and now Jewish people are being targeted and murdered by a suspect thought to be a paratrooper kicked out of the army because of his far right associations.

The EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton has compared the murder of Jewish children in the most recent terroristic outrage to the killing of children in Gaza. There is of course a difference in the way of killing - one is at point blank range while the other is by a pilot at 10,000 feet or a remotely controlled drone operated by a person sitting in a control room - but it is the killing of innocents nevertheless.

The Israeli establishment is now up in arms against Ashton for telling some home truths, demanding she retracts her comments. The Israeli military no doubt says their killings of children aren't done deliberately, but when you assassinate Palestinian leaders in their family homes that is that not targeting children as acceptable 'collateral damage'?
Lieberman blasts EU's foreign affairs commissioner's remarks equating attack on Jewish schoolchildren in France to IAF operations in Gaza; says she should 'worry about Israeli children who live under constant fear of Gaza rockets'

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman leveled harsh criticism Tuesday against EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Catherine Ashton over her comparison of the terror attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, to the situation in Gaza, calling them "inappropriate."

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of Palestinian youths in Brussels on Monday, Ashton said: "When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we remember what happened in Norway last year, we know what is happening in Syria, and we see what is happening in Gaza and other places." more