Monday, 1 October 2012

Video: See how Israeli colonies killed the two state solution

This week Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is in the States, and a lot of people are going to see him, so it seemed a good time to get up this video I made last July of Halper in the Old City, showing me the "Judaization" of East Jerusalem.

This is an important video because you can see how Israel strangled any possibility of two states by creating Jewish colonies all through the heart of Palestinian Jerusalem in an effort to engulf the Old City-- a project that continues by the minute.

Halper and I stand on the rooftop of the Austrian Hospice, a quarter mile from the Al Aqsa Mosque, and look east and south, mostly. The video is 9 and a half minutes long. Here are some of the highlights:

--The first minute or so we look east at the Mount of Olives at a Jewish settlement. You can't really make it out, but you can see the minaret on the horizon, and the Jewish building is right next to it. more

New hearing device for children developed in Gaza

Renowned UAE ear specialist, Dr Mazen al-Hajri, announced in Gaza on Sunday the manufacture of a newly developed cochlea implant.

Al Hajri who was awarded the 2011 OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) prize said, "The first cochlea implant operation took place in 2007 and posed significant danger to children. However, thanks to Allah, today we have been able to develop this new kind of technology to be less dangerous". He added, "It is less dangerous than before as the hearing device is now smaller and is placed via endoscopic surgery."

To date, the ENT specialist has carried out over 1,122 cochlea implant operations more than 90 per cent of which have been free as Arab donors compete to sponsor these kinds of surgeries. "The whole surgery takes only 35 minutes," Dr Al-Hajri said. more

al-Qassam Brigades fighter killed while on mission Sunday

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, reported that one of its fighters was killed, on Sunday at dawn, in what it called “a Jihadist mission”.

The Brigades identified the fighter as Mohammad Abdullah Hamad, 22, from An-Nusseirat refugee camp, in the central Gaza Strip. more

Gaza's only goods crossing closed until Tuesday because of Israeli holiday

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- The Gaza Strip’s sole commercial crossing is closed until Tuesday because of Israeli holidays, Gaza crossing officials said.

Raed Fattouh said the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing was not operating for four days, the combination of the Friday-Saturday Israeli weekend, and the Sunday-Monday holiday for the Jewish festival Sukkot.

Since Israel closed all other border terminals, Kerem Shalom is the only entry point for commercial goods and humanitarian aid into the besieged coastal enclave, home to over 1.6 million Palestinians. more